China Telecom

Mobile Sale System

A mobile sale system in iOS and Android for China Telecom



System Design

Server Side

FFCS Mobile Sale System contains two servers for web and mobile respectively, as well as extra servers for data storage.

Web Server

  • Implemented in Java Web with Spring, Struct and Hibernate
  • Provide service for CRM
  • Provide RESTful API for mobile app

Mobile Server

  • Fetch new data from web client
  • Maintain mobile database to cache data from different regions
  • Provide RESTful API for mobile apps

Data Server

  • Store data for CRM apps, accessed by web client only.
  • Mobile app will access data by RESTful API from web client.
  • Need to store data for three different regions in China, and data servers spread among these area.

Client Side

  • Use hybrid views for cross-platform purpose
  • Screen Adaptation for different pad size
  • Provide both iOS and Android version

My Work

  • Add new features for CRM web client in Java with Spring, Struct and Hibernate
  • Design XML models by XMLSpy to generate java classes for RESTful API
  • Develop hybrid views by Cordova for iOS and Android Devices
  • Maintain PostgreSQL database for mobile app
  • Utilize memcached to cache data
  • Summarize and write work report daily
  • Conduct research for new technologies