Creative, Simple, and Powerful


A mobile app solution for USC student courses registration

Rescle is a creative mobile app made for USC Mobile Contest 2015, which summarizes the entire process of course registration into a circle, and thus reducing the time to enroll classes. It includes both ios and android implementations, as well as a database server aims to fetch data from USC API and analyze data for optimization purpose.


 In order to facilidate students’ course registration process, our university needs a new mobile application that can provide all basic functions, such as look up course information, select course, and register course.

USC currently only provides web interface for course registration, there is room for improvement. Many USC students desire a mobile version product, by which they can add or drop classes everywhere they want.


Rescle aims to facilidate course registration process with better user experience. It summarizes the entire process of registration into a single circle, and automatically moves based on user status, course registration logic and current time.






Track your entire registration process in a circle

The yellow line will move based on users’ status, and the white points are the coming due date for late fee.









Information on hand

Provide information you need to check.


User-Friendly interface

Left for basic menu, right for course selection and registration, top for multiple calendars linked to specific course choice, bottom for search.





I proposed to collect course information, and summarizes all materials into a user-friendly circle for new students who are not familiar with course registration process.