App to effortlessly aggregate personal network’s most up-to-date contact info

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Share combined contact info. with QR code


ScanMe is a web app in responsive design to share contact information by QR code


International students find it difficult to share different combinations of their contact info or social accounts when meeting people in different situations

  • Spend plenty of time share diff social accounts with new friend
  • Has a hard time searching account names
  • Use diff combinations for people meet in diff situations


  • Providing an efficient way for multi-social-network-platform users to share their informations with their friends
  • Providing an convenient and smooth experience for users to create  different information cards toward different category of people
  • Providing a neat interface for user to integrate their different kind of information in order to show themselves comprehensively

Key Experience

  • User-friendly Multi-platform Accounts Share Solution using QR Code
  • Build-in Scanning Tool for One-stop Add and Approve Service
  • Integrated E-cards for Different Group of People with Smooth Switch;
  • Automatically Contact Information Updates Synchronize.


To develop a web app to link contact info., generate QR code with combined information, and share by internet or bluetooth.

Prototype for UI design

In this project, our team only have two members, me and yunni. Yunni focus on the front-end for UI design and web page development in responsive. My job is to implement all features in the back side and provide RESTful API for front side.

We use DDD to organize the structure of our project.

  • Application:
    • Static: contain js / css / images / libs …
    • Views: flask views in python
    • Templates: html files for views
  • Domain: 
    • Core: core functions for project
    • Service: provide service for “linked account”, “QR code”, and “user management”
    • Entity: maintain qrcode and linked account entities
    • Vendor: API for 3rd-party libraries, here we use AWS and python_social_auth
  • Infrastructure:
    • Model: models for user, qrcode, linked_account, and user relation


final project

Front-End (Yunni’s Works)

  • Hammer_JS
  • Swiper
  • Responsive

Back-End (My Works)

  • Flask: a microframework for python web
  • Social Account Binding: use python social auth and link based on social network platforms’ API
  • QR Code
    • Encode: use qrcode library in python
    • Decode: use zbarlight library with Image class of PIL
    • Storage: use boto3 library to store generated QR code on AWS S3
  • RESTful API: provide RESTful service based on flask restful extension
  • AWS
    • EC2: deploy web app (switched to digital ocean server now)
    • S3: QR code storage
  • Database: use SQLAlchemy for ORM database